We foster strategic partnerships between companies & creator communities.

Where creativity meets commerce for ultimate success. 


Case Study: Momcentric Brand Co

Uniting an army of mom focused communities:

    • highest quality early exposure
    • early insights into your audience pain points
    • early feedback on concept and product prototyping
    • potential access to others in this space
    • social media consultanting
    • a lot of your top level, foundational marketing assets & strategy


Prefer hybrid deals that include a mix of equity & payment. The pressure to create content is real so being able to do so focused, for a small number of brands/products makes for an improved creator work/ creator life balance.


Early Stage Founders

Would consider doing an equity deal with a content creator and/or influencer with immediate access to feedback & community. Do the types of deals the biggest names do, but with smaller emerging brands.


Early Launches

Would benefit from earlier feedback, evangelism, reach, more efficient marketing spend, and quick early revenue. In the same way, creators with great ideas (especially solutions to common problems) can benefit from looking for founders to align with to launch their ideas. A classic win-win.

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We help make connections

The marketing landscape is changing.  Influence is good but authenticity is better.  This is where genuine relationships & communities meet.

My fitness community shows up everyday at 8am. I lead a group of a 1,000 baddies online and we have formed a sisterhood. You can't penetrate our group ... unless it involves chocolate.

Elizabeth Sofia Health/Wellness

4 Eyes 4 Me is a community of stylish glasses aficionados' and I'm the Queen Bae. We like fashion forward eye wear and retro eye wear done creatively. We can provide content, imagery, videos, UGC and early customers.

Amelia Mia Eye Wear Fashionista

My podcast "The Moustached Gentleman" covers masculine topics like chopping wood, outdoor camping, and why being a father to daughters makes as softer then warm ice cream. I also have my own beard oil brand.

Charlie Cooper Outdoors Man

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